Will You Be My Gaming Valentine $25 PSN Gift Card Giveaway

Will you be my gaming valentine $25 PSN gift card giveaway has just went live, scroll to the bottom to enter this giveaway. There are a few rules for this giveaway.

The gift card I purchased for this giveaway seems to be limited to the USA Playstation Store only, my bad guys. In the future I will offer gift cards for different regions.

PlayStation Gift Card Giveaway

The other main rule is that this giveaway is only for people who actually own a PlayStation 4. You will need to show proof that you own the PS4 by showing your gaming room or the console.

You will need to hand write my website PreOrderPS5.com on anything you like to be shown in the picture of your gaming room or gaming consoles.

I will pick one lucky winner on Friday the 14th and I will email you the PSN code so you can use it right away!

Amazon Deals to your left, if you click any image, it takes you to amazon specials for that category, amazon pays me a small commission if you purchase within 24 hours, I appreciate you so much using my links before you shop at amazon. It goes towards this website and the gaming fund!

Will You Be My Gaming Valentine $25 PSN Gift Card Giveaway

Thank you for entering my giveaway, please comment below if you have entered this giveaway. Share your PSN username if you would like to be friends. You can also upload pictures in the Facebook Comments if you want to show off your gaming room! Mine is under construction!

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