PDP Bluetooth Enabled Media Remote Control for PS4

If you do more than just play games with your PlayStation 4 console, you would want this PDP Bluetooth enabled media remote control. With your PS4 you can watch Netflix, Amazon, Blu Ray movies, and use it as a Media Player. Instead of struggling to use your PS4 controller you can use this remote. This is a great option for those that are not gamers or have family members that use the PS4 for media entertainment.

With this control you can:

  • Turn on and off your PS4
  • Navigate through the different apps
  • Includes the Options, Share and PS power button

Do you need a PS4 Remote Control?

This PDP Bluetooth enabled media remote control for PS4 is great for anyone that uses their PlayStation to watch movies, shows and other media. It is also ideal for those that are not good with the PS4 controllers and want a simple way to navigate through the options. Since the DualShock controllers can be very sensitive, it can be difficult to steer around the screen trying to choose the right icon. This remote makes the process easier and more convenient. For just twenty-five dollars, you’ll get a good use out of it. Another great thing about the remote, it powers off after 30 minutes to conserve battery. Simply press any button and it will turn back on.

Also, who wants to get up and turn on their PS4 manually after a long and draining day? Not many people, or at least not us. This is a great way to stay lazy for a few minutes or hours, while you watch your movies. Hopefully, we can still use this remove with the new PlayStation 5 console. Hopefully Sony has thought about that and won’t make us purchase another remote control to ruin the fun. Instead, they will add more apps to the console such as Hulu and Disney Plus. Let’s hope they are listening or had a team that already thought about these things.

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