Just Purchased Overcooked 2 for PS4 to Play With the Wife

I’m a member of quite a few PlayStation facebook groups. This morning I stumbled upon a thread about someone asking for video game titles they can play with their wife. There was a huge list of games and my wife is compiling a list that I will share on this website at a later date.

I just purchased the digital copy of Overcooked 2 for the PlayStation 4. It’s currently downloading, we are watching a tv show called Mr. Mercdes (must watch) and drinking some Tito’s vodka.

Its almost 7PM, so not sure if we will get to play tonight, the alchool might be too much for my girl to handle lol. She isn’t really a gamer, this is why I taught I would try with this game. She deff can’t handle Call of duty or any of these fast paced shooter games at this time.

Comment below if you own this game or the previous release and what you think about it.

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